The Bottle


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The Bottle – New Proposed Subdivision


There is a proposal on the table for a mixed-use parcel that would include:


Single Family Homes 108
Twin homes 94
Townhouses 70

And Mixed Use of 45 units


Location of the proposed 64-acre development lies across from Tuscany Hills Subdivision on North College Street. Proposed amenities would include, but not guaranteed, an open space, pool, clubhouse, recreational fields, and sidewalks. Eight acres of commercial property, which would include 60 two story apartment units. The commercial parcel, depending on market demands, could be used for (but not limited to) other commercial uses such as restaurants, retail stores, or child care facilities.


The parcel will be constructed in different phases, starting with 16 single family homes, 26 twin homes, and 50 town homes. If everything develops accordingly and the plat is approved, the start date would likely be September 2021 into 2022. Other phases will follow depending on market demands and needs.

Stay tuned for other projects and events happening in our community.

Things are changing fast, so for additional information and other upcoming projects contact Sylvia M. Paul REALTOR, Prestige Properties 334-319-0491.